Kick Start Your Life

Are you struggling with an unhealthy habit? Maybe you’ve searched for solutions online, and purchased programs that promised results only to find yourself struggling with feeling constrained. You’re in good company. Naomi Watts recently confessed that when any diet restrictions are put on her, she wants to rebel (Shape Magazine). 
May I suggest that you trust yourself for the answer is within you? The greatest weight loss program to date relied upon the power of participants’ imagination using functional imagery training. Einstein understood this ability when he said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” 
Functional Imagery Training (FIT) will help you harness these resources to lose pounds, feel better and be more productive.  I invite you to join me for an upcoming FIT retreat in Miami (see details below). FIT is based upon 20 decades of research and it works. Here’s what you can expect:
7 Steps to help you get FIT
1. The first step, feel safe and understood. Together, we’ll quiet your mind and uncover what truly inspires you. It’s often not at the surface, but below indecision and tied to your core values. 
2. Second, use the power of your imagination and your five senses to experience yourself, as you’d like to be, in the zone, achieving your goals. 
3. Third, create a structure to support you, i.e. set a reminder to every day to close your eyes and picture yourself progressing steadily in the direction of your goal.
4. If you get stuck, rely upon an open mindset. Beating yourself up will not help. Honesty and understanding will make you coachable and change will come more easily. 
5. Develop tools. In functional imagery training, we use techniques based on research and our current understanding of how the brain works. As an example, the craving buster exercise designed by Dry Linda Sobring using the same science behind cravings to break them. One of my clients quit smoking after one craving buster session. 
6. Keep the big picture in mind. 
7. You are not alone. You will be connected to me, as well as, a community that supports you and your desire to change. 
Every one of my clients has lost weight using FIT. Some had landed interviews and jobs they had originally thought unattainable. One quit smoking in just two sessions. 
I am hosting the first FIT certification workshop in the US for coaches, therapist, and trainers. It is sold out. 
There is still time and space at the Carillon Resort, Oct. 18-20th for anyone interested in FIT for a lifestyle change (diet, exercise, sleep, and wellness). Special local rate includes a day pass to spa. Contact me for additional details.