What is really motivating you?

What if a 20-minute survey could change your personal and professional life by helping you understand what’s really going on below the surface of your actions?


Remarkably, such a test does exist, and it has for over 30-years. Two brilliant statisticians/leadership consultants, Dr. William Edwards Deming, and Dr. Paul Hertz developed PRINT® after decades of research on the connection between self-understanding and professional success. 


Several features make PRINT® unique. First, it is a dynamic survey, meaning that no two people take the same test. Each new question depends on the previous answer(s). Second, PRINT® goes deeper than any other personality measure. While traditional assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, focus on personality, PRINT® uncovers and measures unconscious motivation. 


“It is really mind bogglingly insightful and shows me a way about looking at myself that makes sense but is new,” said one client of mine. After taking the test, she ordered it for her business partner and family members.


Immediately after taking the survey, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining your unique profile, including a trigger report and detailed strategies for maintaining “Best Self” traits and minimizing “Shadow” traits.  An additional career report is available upon request. 


I offer PRINT® with a 50-minute one-on-one session or as a two-hour group exercise for team building. Contact me for pricing and details.