Crossing Your Next Threshold

Have you ever paused to examine the narrative going on in your head? Most likely, you’ve noticed it during moments of self-doubt. Perhaps it was a story that “you were not worthy of a raise,” or “you’ll never be good enough.” Narrative Coaching founder, David Drake, believes that while your story may be holding you back, it also holds the key to a brighter future with more possibilities.

After studying with David and attending his retreat in NYC, I have begun to understand the impact of unpacking our personal stories in a safe and supportive space with a skillful coach. It is like shifting from a passive autopilot mode to truly being aware and present for the ride.

Before the retreat, we were asked to bring an object that represented what we wanted to leave behind along with something that we wanted to move toward. My friend Shelly Sowell brought a peace charm. She had purchased it years ago during a very stressful time in her life when she was struggling to find inner peace. Her desire was to let go of her external "peace prop" and trust herself.

She brought three objects that stood for things she wanted more of in her life. With David's help, Shelly realized she did not need to be encumbered by any of these things.

Shelly summed up her retreat experience as "David saw me and he held up a mirror so I could see myself. It has led me to take ownership of my work and life in a new way."

When the retreat ended, four of us shared a taxi back to the hotel. The driver was agitated. As we prepared to exit, Shelly leaned over and offered him her peace charm. He accepted it.

Narrative coaching is about creating moments of truly being seen and understood, looking for possible openings for change and, when a new path emerges, making sure the scaffolding is in place so you can get there successfully.

If you’d like to explore how to work this way, come join us for a retreat with David in Miami, May 4th-6th. For more information, visit

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