Quit Your Job & Follow Your Passion

“I wish I had the courage to quit, but the money is too good,” I have heard from more than one client. Jamie Rosenberg, Founder & CEO of ClassWallet had just that courage. “I was literally running down Biscayne Boulevard away from my job,” Jamie said. That was twenty years ago. At the time Jamie was just 11-months out of law school and he had successfully landed a coveted position with a prestigious law firm.

His future was pre-determined, but he did not fit the mold. His family was made up of high achievers on a traditional path; they were lawyers and doctors. Jamie was more of an out-of-the-box thinker. For example, his teachers from junior high school still talk about his weekly student council updates. Jamie ended each with a weekly recap of the soap opera All My Children.

Nothing is pre-conceived in Jamie’s world. He’s made it his life’s work to design technology that enhances the lives of teachers and their students. He plays to his strengths as a big picture thinker/problem solver and has surrounded himself with a team that actually feels more like a supportive family.

His life is not perfect. It’s stressful waking up each day knowing you have to raise capital to keep your vision alive. Some days are easier than others, but one thing is for sure, Jamie is doing what he loves and the world of education is benefitting from his work.

Here is what Jamie has to share people who are struggling on a non-traditional career path:

  1. Be True to Yourself. If you are on an alternative path embrace it.
  2. Explore. Jamie took a year off between undergraduate and graduate school to travel. “You don’t have baggage. No one knows you. That’s when you find yourself.”
  3. Give Back. Jamie started AdoptAClassroom.org the Internet’s first online crowdfunding platform. It’s where he first discovered the need for his present company, ClassWallet.
  4. Follow Your Energy. Trust those moments when you are moved to tears and when you feel connected to something much bigger than yourself. That's the energy that will lead you to your passion, follow it!
Jamie Rosenberg, Founder & CEO ClassWallet