Reflections on a Life-Changing Journey

What would it take for you to pursue what mattered to you in life? When Sheryl Ann Moore, award-winning attorney, author and speaker, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 40, it was a wake-up call that led her on an incredible life-changing journey. During her treatment, Sheryl’s doctor told her that she’d never be able to have children. Sheryl had always wanted a family so the moment her radiation treatments ended, she started the process of adoption. Being a single woman put her at a disadvantage and she went down several unsuccessful paths. Then a random act of kindness in a country western dance club changed everything. Sheryl met a woman who had a pregnant daughter in need of healthcare and an adopter for her child. Sheryl spent the remainder of the girl's pregnancy helping her with maternity care and emotional support, and ultimately adopted the baby—a beautiful boy. She named him William for her favorite expression, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Sheryl's world has changed in many ways since answering her wake-up call. She savors motherhood and manages a flourishing successful legal career. What did her journey teach her? She offers the following daily reflections to stay focused on what really matters.

  1. Take a broad view of work/life balance. It’s impossible to achieve balance in the course of a day, rather try to balance your week and/or your month’s schedule.
  2. Create rituals that separate your work life from your home life. It can be as simple as a hot shower and a change of clothes.
  3. Commit to daily times to unplug and be fully present with loved ones.
  4. Be selective about who you choose to spend time with.
  5. Whenever possible, schedule a massage.